Zarian Architects was established by Garnik Zarian after having built up a remarkable experience for 20 years working with highly regarded multinational Architectural and Project Management consultancies including HOK, Gensler, Lend Lease, Turner and Townsend and Aecom. He gained his design and management skills working internationally on a number of large-scale commercial, residential, sports, and mixed-use projects in Russia, Ireland, Belgium, Antigua, Kuwait and the UK.


Having worked in several interrelated disciplines of the construction industry Garnik obtained valuable knowledge and insights allowing him to approach and solve problems in a methodical and systematic manner ensuring that the projects are designed, managed and delivered efficiently. Prior to setting up this company Garnik Zarian was a Design Principal in Aecom leading the Architectural Department.


Awards: • RIAI Award, Exhibition for "RCSI School of Pharmacy” Dublin 2005; • Honourable Mention at “Kanazawa Vision 92” Kanazawa, Japan 1992; • First Prize at "Kond Residential Regeneration" Yerevan, 1986 




Zarian Architects is a London based practice offering Architectural Design, Urban Design and Consultancy Services. Being a small energetic practice we can offer the advantages of engaging our senior professionals on each project and provide our services at competitive cost to our Client. The services we offer are based on a collaborative design development approach engaging closely with the clients, stakeholders, developers, multidisciplinary consultants, builders and end-users enabling us to deliver the best quality product aspired by all. 


Our client-oriented and flexible approach enables us to work alongside and unlock the full potential of the sites and deliver fully functional and cost effective solutions.  We are devoted to a design excellence and strive to deliver inspired and innovative design solutions that are fully functional, commercially viable and architecturally elegant. We believe that the best results are achieved through a collaborative teamwork and constructive interaction between the team members, supported by common values and vision for creating healthy and sustainable environment, better places and better architecture. 


















Registered in ENGLAND

Company No 09768512






Zarian Architects is a London based practice offering Urban Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Design Management Services. Being a small dynamic practice, we can afford engaging our senior professionals on each project and providing services effectively. The services we offer are based on a collaborative approach engaging closely with all team members - developers, builders, engineers and end-users allowing us to deliver the best quality aspired by all. Our design proposals are always aligned with our Clients' value drivers and geared towards unlocking the full potential of the developments achieving cost-effective solutions.


We are devoted to a design excellence and strive to deliver innovative solutions that are commercially viable, and architecturally elegant. We believe the best results are achieved through a collaborative teamwork, effective interaction, and communication between all project team members, supported by shared values for creating healthy and sustainable environments, better places and better buildings.



• Irish Architecture Award - "RCSI School of Pharmacy", Dublin, Ireland 2005

• Honourable Mention - "Kanazawa Vision 92” Kanazawa,  Japan 1992

• 1st Place -  "Kond Residential Regeneration Project" Yerevan, Armenia 1986 



Registered in England and Wales

Company № 09768512