• Feasibility Studies 

  • Brief Development 

  • Concept Design 

  • Developed Design

  • Technical Design

  • Planning Applications

  • Building Regulation Submittions

  • Tender Srage Design 

  • Contractor Appointments

  • Contract Administration




The built environment surrounding us directly or indirectly affects the quality of our lives. We believe that Architecture has a tremendous role to play in creating environments and places that are not only functional and perform well, but also, evoke our aesthetic perception and sense of wonder. 


Every project we undertake starts with an extensive collaborative process engaging our clients, key stakeholders and multidisciplinary design teams for establishing a common ground for delivering innovative design solutions that are equally elegant, environmentally sustainable and commercially viable.

As Lead Consultants or Lead Designers, we initiate and implement a collaborative design development process, which enables us and the design teams work alongside to interact effectively and fulfil their contractual responsibilities.



  • Brief Development 

  • Concept Design 

  • Developed Design

  • Technical Design

  • Planning Applications

  • Building Regulation Submissions

  • Tender Stage Design 

  • Contractor Appointments

  • Contract Administration









Urban design solutions we offer are always based on a comprehensive analysis of socio-economic, demographic, planning and cultural contexts; collaborative work engaging our clients and communities; integrated approach in design development process involving multidisciplinary inputs from planners, civil engineers, landscape architects, scientists, researchers and our wide-ranging knowledge in design development and implementation strategies.


We aim to deliver solutions that are economically viable, adaptable to change, environmentally responsive, locally pertinent and conducive to social interaction and cultural diversity.




  • Site Analysis and Selection

  • Site Planning and Design

  • Community Engagement

  • Strategic Development Planning

  • Landscape Design

  • Urban Design and Regeneration

  • Space Planning



The interior space where we spend most of our lifetime has an extraordinary power of influencing our wellbeing and productivity. Our design solutions utilise the rich pallets of lights, colours, materials and textures for moulding warm and delightful spaces conducive to healthy living and enhanced performance.


We take the interior design as an integral part of the architecture which complements and reinforces the overall design. Our interior design services run in parallel with the architectural design development process making sure that all key design solutions are being coordinated and aligned.


Efficient management of the design processes is equally important as the design itself and crucial for delivering a high-quality final product as intended. We view the design management as an integral part of the overall project execution strategy geared towards meeting the budget, programme and quality parameters as planned.


Our design management approach is based on teamwork, involving client teams, multidisciplinary design teams, builders and specialist consultants, working in a collaborative environment for achieving the project goals in the most rational and efficient manner. 



Services include:

  • Initial Due Diligence, Compliance audit, Feasibility Studies

  • Project Brief and Design Alignment 

  • Design Execution Plans, Design Procurement

  • Design Team selection, Negotiations and Appointments

  • Project Brief and Detailed Design Brief Development

  • Communications and Information Exchange Procedures

  • Statutory Permit and Approval Process Management 

  • Change and Risk Management 

  • Monitoring Close-outs and Hand-over process management




Hotel projects are amongst the most complex building types that require the involvement of many consultants and trades due to the multifaceted operational and technical requirements. Therefore, it is vital to have well- planned and organised Design Development Strategies in place for meeting the Developers and Hotel Operators requirements in terms of Quality, Time and Budget. 


Services include:

  • Initial Feasibility Reports

  • Technical Support and Assistance

  • Design Brief Development 

  • Facilities and Area programs

  • FF&E & Selection

  • Compliance Check and Validation

  • Value Engineering

  • Budget Coordination and Check

  • Quality and Change Control

  • Site Inspections and Acceptance 




The Planning Law, Building Regulations in Russia and CIS are substantially different from those in the UK and EU countries. This creates certain challenges for the UK and EU architectural practices working directly with developers in transferring their skills and achieving the building quality envisaged. We offer consultations, technical support and assistance in delivering successful projects in Russia and CIS. 


Services include:

  • Design Execution Plan and Procedures

  • Approvals and Permits 

  • Design Development Programmes

  • Design Brief Alignment

  • Design Reviews and Coordination

  • Building Regulations Compliance check

  • Adaptation of Design Documentation

  • Quality and Change Control

  • Site inspections and Hand-over